Main Course Recipes
Keep yourself warm throughout the winter with this easy-to-make chicken noodle soup! Rich in flavor and nutrients, a bowl of this soup is a perfect dinner for weeknights.
I'm not going to lie; this is a tough dish to pull off. However, the with great difficulty comes great reward! Do attempt if you are passionate about cooking and have tried easier recipes first (i.e., my steak w/ chimichurri sauce!) The result is well worth the effort if successful!!
Simplification of the classic ragu sauce served with fresh pasta--you can't go wrong here!
This is where lobster meets Tom Kha--you can't possibly go wrong with either of these!
This low-fat lactose intolerant-friendly recipe is a flavorful alternative for the classic vodka sauce-based pasta!
Poaching is a very delicate way to infuse flavor into a protein--be careful not to overcook salmon though; it will be a fatal mistake!
If you ever tried sweet beef jerky and liked it, you'll love this bulgogi bowl too! Sweet and savory beef served over fragrant coconut rice! Yum!
A little twist on the classic mom's spaghetti and meatballs updated with zesty herbs and spices to give it a kick!
A classic, light seafood pasta--what's not to love about a healthy and vibrant plate of fresh clam capellini with a white wine sauce!
You can't possibly go wrong with some avocado fries! Try it in my version of a Sushi Burrito if you're feeling naughty.
Trust me when I say that fresh pasta is an eye-opening experience for the rest of your life--this is one of the recipes that'll justify that exact reason!
Premium steak recipe that seems deliciously fool-proof for beginners to steak but those adept to the kitchen! Though, certainly not any worse in quality.
A vast garden consisting of myriad flavors and textures, Asian style! Try this salad; I can ensure you this will hit the top of your salad list!
Serves 2
The lobster roll reinvented! I love crab, but if you prefer lobster, it's an easy substitution! My not-so-secret marinade is to die for-- YUM!
Maple and soy is a combo I've loved for a long time; I'm excited to be able to share one of my recipes in frequent rotation!
Another contemporary version of a Chinese classic! Oyster sauce, a traditional ingredient, really helps add a diverse umami mix of flavors!
If you are comfortable cooking fish, marinating salmon in this quick miso marinade overnight will significantly add a depth of deliciousness to the salmon.
Mason jars are a great way to store and transport salads! Try my mason jar salad today!
Coconut milk not only makes this bisque lighter and healthier but it also adds a rustic coconut flavor that is pleasing to the tastebuds!
I love Chimichurri sauce because when combined with beef, it creates the sensation of a vibrant earthy, herbal flavor to counteract the strong meaty taste.
This Japanese-Californian fusion dish a better way to eat more sushi with less the effort to make it!
Spice up your duck meat with a hearty, earthy, and fruity pomegranate cherry sauce that is sure to tingle your tastebuds!
Quick, easy, and simple dinner for 4 which can be made in under 30 minutes! This is a must-try for anyone busy for sure.
This copycat pho recipe is packed with flavor and aromas that capture the essence of Southeast Asian cuisine!
Serve this succulent mushroom sandwich with a side of fresh pickles or cole slaw for a quick, tasty lunch!
Serves 4
Delicately cooked seafood served in a flavorful tomato broth; perfect for seafood enthusiasts!
Combining the classic Korean glass noodles with Korean marinaded Bulgogi, this BBQ bowl is the ultimate infusion of Korean cuisine with Asian-fusion flavors.
There's nothing like the fresh Asian spices that infuses tremendous aromas and flavors into this mouth-watering dish.
Try this vegan-alternative for steak; hearty, juicy, and succulent!
This Thai-Italian fusion mussel dish combines the rustic element of drunken mussels with the intense, bold flavor of Thai Coconut Soup. Try it today, I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
This light, healthy, and nutritious salad is the perfect dish to have for lunch. Make it ahead of time and eat it wherever; no refrigeration or reheating necessary!
This protein-packed, 100% vegetarian, the nutritious Japanese-fusion dish is the perfect thing to make ahead of time and bring to eat for lunch!
Try this spin on a traditional pasta dish to celebrate the spooky month of October and Halloween!
This sweet and savory fish dish is easy-to-make and children friendly; perfect to serve to young children and those who have a sweet tooth!
When poke meets sushi meets pizza. This plant-based dish is the perfect fusion between eastern and western food. Try this original dish today, and you definitely won't be let down!
Once you try this homemade tomato sauce, you'll never want to go back to the canned version. Cherry tomato sauce is easy-to-make, full of flavor, and much more nutritious compared to many alternatives.
100% vegan, 100% delicious. This tangy asian delight is packed with protein and takes less than 30 minutes to make! This is the definition of REAL tasty fast food.
Make yourself a delicious sizzling bowl of restaurant-quality udon today, all under 30 minutes! As this dish is versatile, try customizing your bowl to add the toppings you like. (i.e. pork katsu, or julienned vegetables.)
Serves 4
Love poke but don't want to risk eating raw fish? Then, this my version of squid poke is perfect for you! All the fix-ins included, just not the raw fish.
A healthy take on your favorite Chinese-American dish! The same taste and deliciousness, minus all the excess oil from deep frying.
Serves 2
A revamp of the classic tuna sandwich! With a few added twists and fresh produce, this high-quality sandwich will taste delicious, yet refreshing.
Serves 2
If you love the classic Calfornia Sushi Roll, you'll definitely love this. Made with similar ingredients, this panini is an excellent way to re-create those flavors in a way that is much easier to make.
Serves 3
Savory succulent beef skewers with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for those that have a sweet tooth!
Serves 4
Rice is such a versatile ingredient. Try using it as a burger bun, with my Asian fusion Teriyaki Salmon burger recipe!