Easy Recipes
Filled with all the healthy components for detoxing your body, this is the perfect 15-minute meal to make for yourself after something heavy!
A warm bowl of delicious vegan soup that captures the essence of the garden! Give it a shot; it's super easy to make!
A millennial favorite nutrient-packed breakfast! Homemade nut butter gives flexibility for taste and texture. No more arguing between crunchy and creamy!
A spooky twist on a favorite American drink! Try this bloody delicious drink today.
A delicious brunch dish packed with protein; easy to make too! Consider trying this fusion toast for a hearty breakfast!
This light and the more delicious alternative of microwavable popcorn should be the sole reason that you mustn't ever buy microwavable popcorn ever again! With much less oil and free of butter, my popcorn is more healthy and vegan-friendly!
Take advantage of the natural sugar that comes from fruit when making dessert; it's much healthier than the refined alternative.
This sweet and savory fish dish is easy-to-make and children friendly; perfect to serve to young children and those who have a sweet tooth!
High-quality, nutritious french toast that is well within the budget of a college student! Now that's the way I like it!
Keeping a stockpile of intriguing tea recipes is always handy in preparation for the cold winter!
An Asian spin on the nutritious Millenial food trend-- avocado toast. This nutritious, protein-packed dish makes for a hearty breakfast dish.
An easy-to-make, relatively healthier Chinese dessert! With minimal effort, you can serve dessert to a gathering of 12!
There's no better combination for an easy, yet impressive dessert than grilled fruit and homemade ice cream! Try my grilled peaches and vanilla bean ice cream today and you won't be disappointed!
One of my personal favorite traditional soups; sweet, savory, delicious, and soothing. There's nothing better than a bowl of snow pear soup when sick or feeling unwell.
This light, healthy, and nutritious salad is the perfect dish to have for lunch. Make it ahead of time and eat it wherever; no refrigeration or reheating necessary!
While dashi powder is usually used to make a dashi broth, it also works as delicious edamame seasoning.
Celebrate the versatility and variety of fresh herbs with a garden-inspired toast appetizer!
A light side dish to cleanse the pallet from anything heavy or greasy, consider making a portion today and serve it with a delicious on-tray!
No more artificial mint ice cream from the supermarket after this! The fresh mint gives the ice cream a vibrant, fresh taste, which makes this ice cream mouthwatering.
This sweet twist on a classic savory snack makes the taste of everyone's favorite side dish that much more splendid! Try my take on garlic bread next time you make it!
Enjoy the fresh spring fruits while it lasts! Serve yourself and your friends a refreshing glass of fresh strawberry lemonade today. The natural sweetness of the berries makes this drink irresistibly good.
A western adaptation to the classic Chinese pork and green bean dish-- even more tender with the premium legume: haricot vert!
Make yourself a delicious sizzling bowl of restaurant-quality udon today, all under 30 minutes! As this dish is versatile, try customizing your bowl to add the toppings you like. (i.e. pork katsu, or julienned vegetables.)
My take on the millennial favorite brunch food, Avocado Toast! This sweet and savory dish is the perfect healthy way to start off and energize you for the day.
My favorite part about this dish is that it is so versatile! The combinations of mushrooms that I could use are endless, and no matter which combination, the dish would still taste amazing.
Serves 12
Crab mix-- an essential for the famous California sushi roll. Also commonly served with poke, crab mix is easy-to-make and adds a unique, delicious taste to your dish's flavor profile.
Serves 4
Free from carbon dioxide, this glass of freshly squeezed limeade is the perfect way to relax in the afternoon. Limeade is especially great for those who prefer a less sour alternative to the classic lemonade.
A cup of natural, refreshing iced tea is a great way to cool down after a blazing summer's day.
Serves 3
Sweet. Sour. Salty. This flavor-packed bruschetta dish is quick and easy to make, has a complex flavor profile, and is extremely healthy! This is the perfect snack to eat during breaks and is a great appetizer to serve at family gatherings!
Serves 3
Savory succulent beef skewers with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for those that have a sweet tooth!
Serves 2
A revamp of the classic tuna sandwich! With a few added twists and fresh produce, this high-quality sandwich will taste delicious, yet refreshing.
Quick, easy, and simple dinner for 4 which can be made in under 30 minutes! This is a must-try for anyone busy for sure.
Garlic Noodles: one of my favorites from Disney World's Nine Dragons restaurant! Try it today and perhaps add your own twist with shrimp, tofu, or bell pepper!
This quick yet high-quality side dish is perfect to serve for a large gathering. Get a large wok and stir-fry a larger portion and you'll be all set in 15 minutes!
Serves 1
Adding juicy fruit to water is a great way to simultaneously detox your body while adding a kick to your water!
100% vegan, 100% delicious. This tangy asian delight is packed with protein and takes less than 30 minutes to make! This is the definition of REAL tasty fast food.
This easy-to-make homemade ice cream has a sophisticated flavor profile more delicious than that of the general store-bought ice cream, and it is also free from any unhealthy additives.
Serves 4
Have a cold? Try this ancient Chinese remedy, which not only relieves symptoms of a cold but it also tastes incredible.
Get the maximum sweetness out of your bell peppers today with this recipe! Feel free to substitute the mini peppers for their larger counterparts; the only downsides are that it will take longer to cook and may not be as sweet.
Take advantage of the seasonal produce around you by making this simple spring salad. Healthy for your heart, tasty for your tastebuds!
Serves 2
If you love the classic Calfornia Sushi Roll, you'll definitely love this. Made with similar ingredients, this panini is an excellent way to re-create those flavors in a way that is much easier to make.
Sweeten up your day by making yourself a easy-to-make, nice, refreshing glass of peach lemonade. The sweetness of fresh peaches enhances the flavor beyond that of the classic lemonade.
Five different fruits combined into one to create a fresh, rich, and nutritious drink! Best of all, this drink contains no added sugar, yet the natural sugars make this drink unbelievably mouthwatering.
Spice up your day with this Thai pickled cucumber recipe! The taste is reminiscent of that of the Green Papaya Salad, but without the need to hassle to find the exotic ingredients.
This no-hassle side is perfect to make on a busy weeknight. With just 10 minutes of prep and 20 minutes baking time in the oven, you'll have a tasty side to complement your meal. Quick, healthy, delicious!
Keep yourself warm throughout the winter with this easy-to-make chicken noodle soup! Rich in flavor and nutrients, a bowl of this soup is a perfect dinner for weeknights.
These are similar to the classic Chinese scallion pancakes. Paired with my baked orange chicken recipe, this recipe will make the tastiest Asian-inspired chicken & waffles!