Drink Recipes
Hot or cold, this cup of tea is no joke. Sweet, sour, and a hint of bitterness makes the perfect flavor profile of a fantastic drink.
Love Thai tea? Try my recipe that omits artificial flavor and spiced with a hint of vanilla!
The bitterness of the tonic water is an acquired taste, but nicely compliments the natural sweetness of the fruits.
Quick. Simple. Elegant. This delicious drink can be the star of your next non-alcoholic picnic!
Serves 4
Have a cold? Try this ancient Chinese remedy, which not only relieves symptoms of a cold but it also tastes incredible.
A dairy-free adaptation of Thai Tea! This time, it's arguably even more flavorful with the essence of coconut!
A mocktail based off of a classic Chinese dessert--poached papaya in ginger soup!
Take a trip to the exotic jungle with these tropical flavors!
Enjoy the fresh spring fruits while it lasts! Serve yourself and your friends a refreshing glass of fresh strawberry lemonade today. The natural sweetness of the berries makes this drink irresistibly good.
Serves 1
Adding juicy fruit to water is a great way to simultaneously detox your body while adding a kick to your water!
A spooky twist on a favorite American drink! Try this bloody delicious drink today.
Take advantage of the natural sugar that comes from fruit when making dessert; it's much healthier than the refined alternative.
Keeping a stockpile of intriguing tea recipes is always handy in preparation for the cold winter!
Want to spice up your water? Add some tropical flavors for an exotic kick and extra nutrition!
Five different fruits combined into one to create a fresh, rich, and nutritious drink! Best of all, this drink contains no added sugar, yet the natural sugars make this drink unbelievably mouthwatering.
One of my personal favorite traditional soups; sweet, savory, delicious, and soothing. There's nothing better than a bowl of snow pear soup when sick or feeling unwell.
Sweeten up your day by making yourself a easy-to-make, nice, refreshing glass of peach lemonade. The sweetness of fresh peaches enhances the flavor beyond that of the classic lemonade.
Serves 4
Free from carbon dioxide, this glass of freshly squeezed limeade is the perfect way to relax in the afternoon. Limeade is especially great for those who prefer a less sour alternative to the classic lemonade.
A cup of natural, refreshing iced tea is a great way to cool down after a blazing summer's day.