College Cooking Recipes
Quick. Simple. Elegant. This delicious drink can be the star of your next non-alcoholic picnic!
Serves 6
Dragon eggs are a seemingly intricate and time-consuming appetizer when, in fact, rather quick to make with excellent knife skills.
Serves 3
Sweet. Sour. Salty. This flavor-packed bruschetta dish is quick and easy to make, has a complex flavor profile, and is extremely healthy! This is the perfect snack to eat during breaks and is a great appetizer to serve at family gatherings!
High-quality, nutritious french toast that is well within the budget of a college student! Now that's the way I like it!
Basic sweet, sour, soft, and super delicious lemon muffins! Baking won't get any easier than this!
Mason jars are a great way to store and transport salads! Try my mason jar salad today!