Budget Recipes
Serves 20
Chinese dim sum simplified to a leisure Sunday activity! Try it today; you won't be disappointed!
An easy-to-make, relatively healthier Chinese dessert! With minimal effort, you can serve dessert to a gathering of 12!
High-quality, nutritious french toast that is well within the budget of a college student! Now that's the way I like it!
Coconut milk adds an intense aroma and flavor that is much more keen than just using regular dairy milk.
One of my favorite dishes from childhood altered with a gourmet approach! Extremely delicious, juicy, and classic Asian potstickers.
This light and the more delicious alternative of microwavable popcorn should be the sole reason that you mustn't ever buy microwavable popcorn ever again! With much less oil and free of butter, my popcorn is more healthy and vegan-friendly!
Serves 6
The dreaded century egg is a delicious traditional Chinese ingredient; feel free to omit it if it scares you! In my opinion, they add a unique depth of flavor and contrast that goes very well with congee.
One of the most famous street foods in Thailand, Pad Thai is undoubtedly worth trying if you haven't already.
Reintroduce your taste buds to the autumnal flavors with this fall themed dessert!
Similar to classic Chinese takeout, this Vegetarian fried rice is cheap and affordable for most, but with a gourmet twist.
Cake, strawberries, and cream -- there's no better classic dessert than this; simply breathtakingly delicious!
A cup of natural, refreshing iced tea is a great way to cool down after a blazing summer's day.
A healthy take on your favorite Chinese-American dish! The same taste and deliciousness, minus all the excess oil from deep frying.
This sweet twist on a classic savory snack makes the taste of everyone's favorite side dish that much more splendid! Try my take on garlic bread next time you make it!
Once you try this homemade tomato sauce, you'll never want to go back to the canned version. Cherry tomato sauce is easy-to-make, full of flavor, and much more nutritious compared to many alternatives.
Serves 15
Consider adding this to your next pasta dish; you will be impressed by the flavor and texture that such a simple technique can transform your herbs.
Make yourself a delicious sizzling bowl of restaurant-quality udon today, all under 30 minutes! As this dish is versatile, try customizing your bowl to add the toppings you like. (i.e. pork katsu, or julienned vegetables.)
This protein-packed, 100% vegetarian, the nutritious Japanese-fusion dish is the perfect thing to make ahead of time and bring to eat for lunch!
Serves 2
A revamp of the classic tuna sandwich! With a few added twists and fresh produce, this high-quality sandwich will taste delicious, yet refreshing.
Serves 12
Crab mix-- an essential for the famous California sushi roll. Also commonly served with poke, crab mix is easy-to-make and adds a unique, delicious taste to your dish's flavor profile.
Spice up your day with this Thai pickled cucumber recipe! The taste is reminiscent of that of the Green Papaya Salad, but without the need to hassle to find the exotic ingredients.
Try this simple Mexican spiced version of corn while it is sweet and in season. It's sweet, spicy, savory, and sour; four flavors in one!
Serves 3
Sweet. Sour. Salty. This flavor-packed bruschetta dish is quick and easy to make, has a complex flavor profile, and is extremely healthy! This is the perfect snack to eat during breaks and is a great appetizer to serve at family gatherings!
Serves 4
Free from carbon dioxide, this glass of freshly squeezed limeade is the perfect way to relax in the afternoon. Limeade is especially great for those who prefer a less sour alternative to the classic lemonade.