Brunch Recipes
High-quality, nutritious french toast that is well within the budget of a college student! Now that's the way I like it!
A millennial favorite nutrient-packed breakfast! Homemade nut butter gives flexibility for taste and texture. No more arguing between crunchy and creamy!
Basic sweet, sour, soft, and super delicious lemon muffins! Baking won't get any easier than this!
Try adventuring outside the brunch classics with this extra fluffy souffle-style pancake recipe!
An Asian inspired take on a classic savory brunch dish--give it a try yourself!
An Asian spin on the nutritious Millenial food trend-- avocado toast. This nutritious, protein-packed dish makes for a hearty breakfast dish.
Black sesame is the epitome of Asian fusion in classic pastries! Try this not-so-uncommon flavor, and you'll be graced its sumptuousness.
These vegan coconut pancakes are so good that I have a hard time justifying making regular pancakes in the future!
Peanut butter is so mundane. Why jar yourself in store-made peanut butter when you can make your own variety of nut butter!
A delicious brunch dish packed with protein; easy to make too! Consider trying this fusion toast for a hearty breakfast!
Serves 20
Chinese dim sum simplified to a leisure Sunday activity! Try it today; you won't be disappointed!
Serves 6
The dreaded century egg is a delicious traditional Chinese ingredient; feel free to omit it if it scares you! In my opinion, they add a unique depth of flavor and contrast that goes very well with congee.