The bitterness of the tonic water is an acquired taste, but nicely compliments the natural sweetness of the fruits.
This low-fat lactose intolerant-friendly recipe is a flavorful alternative for the classic vodka sauce-based pasta!
Serves 2
The lobster roll reinvented! I love crab, but if you prefer lobster, it's an easy substitution! My not-so-secret marinade is to die for-- YUM!
The heat of the wok and baking soda is essential to tenderizing the delicious beef slices.
A classic, light seafood pasta--what's not to love about a healthy and vibrant plate of fresh clam capellini with a white wine sauce!
Simplification of the classic ragu sauce served with fresh pasta--you can't go wrong here!
Serves 6
What was once a movie spectacle can become a reality! Sharpen your knife skills, and this delicious Ratatouille will be a piece of cake to make!
Ice Cream in the shape of a pie and it's vegan too--what more can you ask for!?
Try adventuring outside the brunch classics with this extra fluffy souffle-style pancake recipe!
This is where lobster meets Tom Kha--you can't possibly go wrong with either of these!
If you've got the time, this is a great make-ahead dessert with a complex intricacy of Asian flavors that fuse like heaven and earth.
An Asian inspired take on a classic savory brunch dish--give it a try yourself!
Poaching is a very delicate way to infuse flavor into a protein--be careful not to overcook salmon though; it will be a fatal mistake!
Who can go wrong with a healthier, vegan version of Ube Ice Cream! Only five ingredients too!
Under the cloak of "difficult-to-make dim sum," this mango pudding only takes four ingredients to make! The only thing that's complex about this dessert is the flavor!
If you ever tried sweet beef jerky and liked it, you'll love this bulgogi bowl too! Sweet and savory beef served over fragrant coconut rice! Yum!
One* ingredient "ice cream"!? Hit me up! Enjoy the sensation of summer with this no-churn, no-hassle, delicious pineapple sorbet!
A little twist on the classic mom's spaghetti and meatballs updated with zesty herbs and spices to give it a kick!
A dairy-free adaptation of Thai Tea! This time, it's arguably even more flavorful with the essence of coconut!
Trust me when I say that fresh pasta is an eye-opening experience for the rest of your life--this is one of the recipes that'll justify that exact reason!
Premium steak recipe that seems deliciously fool-proof for beginners to steak but those adept to the kitchen! Though, certainly not any worse in quality.
Serves 4
A true personal-sized pizza! Change the toppings to your heart's content, and you'll still end up with a delicious, hopefully healthy, pizza!
A vast garden consisting of myriad flavors and textures, Asian style! Try this salad; I can ensure you this will hit the top of your salad list!
Basic sweet, sour, soft, and super delicious lemon muffins! Baking won't get any easier than this!
A classic dish out of the Cantonese kitchen! Quick stir-fried bok choy with oyster sauce-- Yum!
You can't possibly go wrong with some avocado fries! Try it in my version of a Sushi Burrito if you're feeling naughty.
Serves 3
Look at these adorable rice balls! Make these today and customize it to your liking--cute and delicious!
These vegan coconut pancakes are so good that I have a hard time justifying making regular pancakes in the future!
Flavorful stir-fry using only the most nutritious of ingredients! This colorful vegan dish is phenomenal not only in looks but also tastes!
Silk tofu breaks in an instant--you have got to be careful working with it and then some; only then will this dish come out stunningly.
If you're a garlic lover, then adding some to seasoned rice can make for a meal in itself!
An Asian spin on the nutritious Millenial food trend-- avocado toast. This nutritious, protein-packed dish makes for a hearty breakfast dish.
Black sesame is the epitome of Asian fusion in classic pastries! Try this not-so-uncommon flavor, and you'll be graced its sumptuousness.
Why spend so much on Wagyu when you can get faux-Wagyu for a third the price with similarly majestic marbling? Exactly--there's no reason! Try my faux-Wagyu salad today.
A mocktail based off of a classic Chinese dessert--poached papaya in ginger soup!
The Chinese version of chicken wings--braised to the point where the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth! Try this Asian fusion edition; you will not be disappointed.
No need to buy prepackaged Shrimp cocktail anymore! All the flavor is in the super tasty cocktail sauce, which is anything but difficult to make!
Quick. Simple. Elegant. This delicious drink can be the star of your next non-alcoholic picnic!
These jewels of the sea are surprisingly quick to cook, but don't underestimate their flavor, texture, or difficulty because they are all sophisticated!
This gluten-free cake is just as fluffy and light as your regular cakes! Give this one a try, and you won't be disappointed!
Serves 4
A little acidity goes a long way when paired with well-seasoned meats.
While simple ice cream flavors work perfectly for this dish, why not elevate this banana split even further with sophisticated flavors like Caramel swirl?
Lighten up the sugar level with premium matcha--it's full of benefits and still incredibly delicious!!
Love Thai tea? Try my recipe that omits artificial flavor and spiced with a hint of vanilla!
Maple and soy is a combo I've loved for a long time; I'm excited to be able to share one of my recipes in frequent rotation!
Take a trip to the exotic jungle with these tropical flavors!
Another contemporary version of a Chinese classic! Oyster sauce, a traditional ingredient, really helps add a diverse umami mix of flavors!
Feeling adventurous? Try challenging yourself with a holiday lava cake dessert! It's not as hard as restaurants make it appear! (Peppermint extract can be found at most grocery stores.)
I'm not going to lie; this is a tough dish to pull off. However, the with great difficulty comes great reward! Do attempt if you are passionate about cooking and have tried easier recipes first (i.e., my steak w/ chimichurri sauce!) The result is well worth the effort if successful!!
Serves 6
Dragon eggs are a seemingly intricate and time-consuming appetizer when, in fact, rather quick to make with excellent knife skills.
An easy-to-make, relatively healthier Chinese dessert! With minimal effort, you can serve dessert to a gathering of 12!
Filled with all the healthy components for detoxing your body, this is the perfect 15-minute meal to make for yourself after something heavy!
High-quality, nutritious french toast that is well within the budget of a college student! Now that's the way I like it!
Coconut milk not only makes this bisque lighter and healthier but it also adds a rustic coconut flavor that is pleasing to the tastebuds!
Make yourself a delicious sizzling bowl of restaurant-quality udon today, all under 30 minutes! As this dish is versatile, try customizing your bowl to add the toppings you like. (i.e. pork katsu, or julienned vegetables.)
Garlic Noodles: one of my favorites from Disney World's Nine Dragons restaurant! Try it today and perhaps add your own twist with shrimp, tofu, or bell pepper!
The complexity of a Black Forest cake scaled down to an easier-to-make creamy ice cream pie, still encapsulating all the flavor!
This light and the more delicious alternative of microwavable popcorn should be the sole reason that you mustn't ever buy microwavable popcorn ever again! With much less oil and free of butter, my popcorn is more healthy and vegan-friendly!
A super easy high-end flavorful crowd-pleasing side dish! Perfect dish for the holiday season of feasts.
A warm bowl of soup for a cold Halloween season! Do try this vegan*, healthy, and light soup if you are feeling under the weather!
A spooky twist on a favorite American drink! Try this bloody delicious drink today.
An excellent dessert choice to bring upscale food to your holiday table! The flavor infused by all the spices and the wine make the pears breathtakingly good!
Serves 4
Top with tempura flakes for a crunchy twist to this Japanese-Thai fusion Inari! Perhaps add bonito flakes if fish is not a dietary restriction!
It's essential to keep your flame on high at all times; the fire from the wok is vital to making the dish succulent and sumptuous.
A warm bowl of delicious vegan soup that captures the essence of the garden! Give it a shot; it's super easy to make!
If you are comfortable cooking fish, marinating salmon in this quick miso marinade overnight will significantly add a depth of deliciousness to the salmon.
Although technical, my signature dessert has a luxurious, sophisticated flavor profile that is undoubtedly worth the effort to make it! Anyone know nails this is truly a dedicated chef!
Serves 1
Adding juicy fruit to water is a great way to simultaneously detox your body while adding a kick to your water!
Try this spin on a traditional pasta dish to celebrate the spooky month of October and Halloween!
I love Chimichurri sauce because when combined with beef, it creates the sensation of a vibrant earthy, herbal flavor to counteract the strong meaty taste.
Get into the autumn spirit by utilizing one of the abundant harvests-- the pumpkin! Turn it into ice cream for a unique holiday dessert!
Serves 20
Chinese dim sum simplified to a leisure Sunday activity! Try it today; you won't be disappointed!
Reintroduce your taste buds to the autumnal flavors with this fall themed dessert!
Quick, easy, and simple dinner for 4 which can be made in under 30 minutes! This is a must-try for anyone busy for sure.
Keeping a stockpile of intriguing tea recipes is always handy in preparation for the cold winter!
This copycat pho recipe is packed with flavor and aromas that capture the essence of Southeast Asian cuisine!
One of my favorite elevated Asian street foods! Leave the pork in the brine overnight for a richer, deeper flavor.
Serves 4
Rice is such a versatile ingredient. Try using it as a burger bun, with my Asian fusion Teriyaki Salmon burger recipe!
One of the most famous street foods in Thailand, Pad Thai is undoubtedly worth trying if you haven't already.
A delicious brunch dish packed with protein; easy to make too! Consider trying this fusion toast for a hearty breakfast!
Coconut milk adds an intense aroma and flavor that is much more keen than just using regular dairy milk.
Celebrate the versatility and variety of fresh herbs with a garden-inspired toast appetizer!
Mason jars are a great way to store and transport salads! Try my mason jar salad today!
Serve this succulent mushroom sandwich with a side of fresh pickles or cole slaw for a quick, tasty lunch!
A millennial favorite nutrient-packed breakfast! Homemade nut butter gives flexibility for taste and texture. No more arguing between crunchy and creamy!
One of my personal favorite traditional soups; sweet, savory, delicious, and soothing. There's nothing better than a bowl of snow pear soup when sick or feeling unwell.
Cake, strawberries, and cream -- there's no better classic dessert than this; simply breathtakingly delicious!
Serves 6
The dreaded century egg is a delicious traditional Chinese ingredient; feel free to omit it if it scares you! In my opinion, they add a unique depth of flavor and contrast that goes very well with congee.
Serves 3
Sweet. Sour. Salty. This flavor-packed bruschetta dish is quick and easy to make, has a complex flavor profile, and is extremely healthy! This is the perfect snack to eat during breaks and is a great appetizer to serve at family gatherings!
Combining the classic Korean glass noodles with Korean marinaded Bulgogi, this BBQ bowl is the ultimate infusion of Korean cuisine with Asian-fusion flavors.
There's no better combination for an easy, yet impressive dessert than grilled fruit and homemade ice cream! Try my grilled peaches and vanilla bean ice cream today and you won't be disappointed!
Similar to classic Chinese takeout, this Vegetarian fried rice is cheap and affordable for most, but with a gourmet twist.
Serves 20
Miss the good ol' days of fried chicken and coleslaw? Try my vegan Asian slaw recipe: same deliciousness without the mayonnaise!
One of my favorite dishes from childhood altered with a gourmet approach! Extremely delicious, juicy, and classic Asian potstickers.
Take advantage of the natural sugar that comes from fruit when making dessert; it's much healthier than the refined alternative.
There's nothing like the fresh Asian spices that infuses tremendous aromas and flavors into this mouth-watering dish.
The real star of this dish is the fresh cherry tomato cocktail sauce; it adds a depth of flavor to the calamari that is hard to resist.
Try this vegan-alternative for steak; hearty, juicy, and succulent!
Serves 4
Delicately cooked seafood served in a flavorful tomato broth; perfect for seafood enthusiasts!
An Asian spin on the nutritious Millenial food trend-- avocado toast. This nutritious, protein-packed dish makes for a hearty breakfast dish.
Serves 3
Savory succulent beef skewers with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for those that have a sweet tooth!
This Thai-Italian fusion mussel dish combines the rustic element of drunken mussels with the intense, bold flavor of Thai Coconut Soup. Try it today, I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
A cup of natural, refreshing iced tea is a great way to cool down after a blazing summer's day.
This protein-packed, 100% vegetarian, the nutritious Japanese-fusion dish is the perfect thing to make ahead of time and bring to eat for lunch!
This light, healthy, and nutritious salad is the perfect dish to have for lunch. Make it ahead of time and eat it wherever; no refrigeration or reheating necessary!
While dashi powder is usually used to make a dashi broth, it also works as delicious edamame seasoning.
This quick yet high-quality side dish is perfect to serve for a large gathering. Get a large wok and stir-fry a larger portion and you'll be all set in 15 minutes!
No more artificial mint ice cream from the supermarket after this! The fresh mint gives the ice cream a vibrant, fresh taste, which makes this ice cream mouthwatering.
Keep yourself warm throughout the winter with this easy-to-make chicken noodle soup! Rich in flavor and nutrients, a bowl of this soup is a perfect dinner for weeknights.
This sweet twist on a classic savory snack makes the taste of everyone's favorite side dish that much more splendid! Try my take on garlic bread next time you make it!
A light side dish to cleanse the pallet from anything heavy or greasy, consider making a portion today and serve it with a delicious on-tray!
These soft, decadent orange and chocolate cookie sandwiches are the perfect snack to make ahead of time for an afternoon bite or midnight dessert!
Want to spice up your water? Add some tropical flavors for an exotic kick and extra nutrition!
A western adaptation to the classic Chinese pork and green bean dish-- even more tender with the premium legume: haricot vert!
Easy to make ahead and reheat, this vegan fried rice is a great dish to prepare in advance of a busy week!
WHAT?! Apple Pie Potstickers!? Crazy--I know. But you have to try it; they're bursting with flavor and insanely good!
Hot or cold, this cup of tea is no joke. Sweet, sour, and a hint of bitterness makes the perfect flavor profile of a fantastic drink.
Try this simple Mexican spiced version of corn while it is sweet and in season. It's sweet, spicy, savory, and sour; four flavors in one!
Serves 15
Consider adding this to your next pasta dish; you will be impressed by the flavor and texture that such a simple technique can transform your herbs.
Take advantage of the seasonal produce around you by making this simple spring salad. Healthy for your heart, tasty for your tastebuds!
Serves 12
Crab mix-- an essential for the famous California sushi roll. Also commonly served with poke, crab mix is easy-to-make and adds a unique, delicious taste to your dish's flavor profile.
When poke meets sushi meets pizza. This plant-based dish is the perfect fusion between eastern and western food. Try this original dish today, and you definitely won't be let down!
A great way to utilize any extra fresh ice cream you made is to make a different, yet equally delicious, dessert!
Asian fusion food at its finest. While warm avocado appears to be bizarre, it tastes spectacular and complements each component of the dish.
This "sauce" goes excellent on toast, served alongside rice, or as a guac dip!
My favorite part about this dish is that it is so versatile! The combinations of mushrooms that I could use are endless, and no matter which combination, the dish would still taste amazing.
Serves 4
Love poke but don't want to risk eating raw fish? Then, this my version of squid poke is perfect for you! All the fix-ins included, just not the raw fish.
Get the maximum sweetness out of your bell peppers today with this recipe! Feel free to substitute the mini peppers for their larger counterparts; the only downsides are that it will take longer to cook and may not be as sweet.
Five different fruits combined into one to create a fresh, rich, and nutritious drink! Best of all, this drink contains no added sugar, yet the natural sugars make this drink unbelievably mouthwatering.
This sweet and savory fish dish is easy-to-make and children friendly; perfect to serve to young children and those who have a sweet tooth!
Try this new take on the classic bacon and brussels sprouts dish! The flavor has much more depth, which makes it a great side dish to serve along with your favorite dish.
If you're looking for adventurous dishes, this sweet and salty rice dish is one to try!
These succulent braised chicken wings are a Chinese classic! Since these wings can be made ahead of time in large quantities, they serve as a perfect make-ahead snack or pair with steamed jasmine rice for a handy take-to-work lunch.
My take on the millennial favorite brunch food, Avocado Toast! This sweet and savory dish is the perfect healthy way to start off and energize you for the day.
For a vegan edition, omit fish sauce for salt! :)
Vegan, all-natural, fruity, sweet, delicious, easy-to-make, ice cream; what more can you ask? You have GOT to try this unbelievable tropical ice cream!
Serves 4
Have a cold? Try this ancient Chinese remedy, which not only relieves symptoms of a cold but it also tastes incredible.
This easy-to-make homemade ice cream has a sophisticated flavor profile more delicious than that of the general store-bought ice cream, and it is also free from any unhealthy additives.
Serves 4
Free from carbon dioxide, this glass of freshly squeezed limeade is the perfect way to relax in the afternoon. Limeade is especially great for those who prefer a less sour alternative to the classic lemonade.
These are similar to the classic Chinese scallion pancakes. Paired with my baked orange chicken recipe, this recipe will make the tastiest Asian-inspired chicken & waffles!
Serve raw vegetables or fruits--carrots, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, apple--or bread with this quick, healthy pistachio dip; the possibilities are endless!
The classic strawberry and cream combo reinvented. This silky, creamy, and fruity ice cream coated with a crunchy exterior is a great dessert to serve on a special occasion that is sure to leave a lasting impression!
100% vegan, 100% delicious. This tangy asian delight is packed with protein and takes less than 30 minutes to make! This is the definition of REAL tasty fast food.
A healthy take on your favorite Chinese-American dish! The same taste and deliciousness, minus all the excess oil from deep frying.
Serves 2
A revamp of the classic tuna sandwich! With a few added twists and fresh produce, this high-quality sandwich will taste delicious, yet refreshing.
Sweeten up your day by making yourself a easy-to-make, nice, refreshing glass of peach lemonade. The sweetness of fresh peaches enhances the flavor beyond that of the classic lemonade.
Peanut butter is so mundane. Why jar yourself in store-made peanut butter when you can make your own variety of nut butter!
This no-hassle side is perfect to make on a busy weeknight. With just 10 minutes of prep and 20 minutes baking time in the oven, you'll have a tasty side to complement your meal. Quick, healthy, delicious!
Indulge on this decadent dessert with a rich, creamy milk chocolate filling, coated by a sweet white chocolate exterior. This is a true delight for chocolate lovers.
Serves 2
If you love the classic Calfornia Sushi Roll, you'll definitely love this. Made with similar ingredients, this panini is an excellent way to re-create those flavors in a way that is much easier to make.
A recipe inspired from one of my all-time favorite Asian-fusion restaurants! Try it today; I guarantee you that the flavors are incredible.
Once you try this homemade tomato sauce, you'll never want to go back to the canned version. Cherry tomato sauce is easy-to-make, full of flavor, and much more nutritious compared to many alternatives.
Spice up your day with this Thai pickled cucumber recipe! The taste is reminiscent of that of the Green Papaya Salad, but without the need to hassle to find the exotic ingredients.
Spice up your duck meat with a hearty, earthy, and fruity pomegranate cherry sauce that is sure to tingle your tastebuds!
A simple, yet fruitful addition to a delicious sauce for a sweet and sour twist.
Enjoy the fresh spring fruits while it lasts! Serve yourself and your friends a refreshing glass of fresh strawberry lemonade today. The natural sweetness of the berries makes this drink irresistibly good.
Serves 4
Mu shu pork is a versatile dish; add what you like and omit what you don't. Other common ingredients include wood ear, scrambled egg, chicken, tofu, and shiitake mushrooms. Experiment to find your perfect combination!
Why buy jarred pickles when fresh ones are so easy to make? You can use the same marinade with carrots, cucumbers, or any other vegetable and get equally delicious results!
This Japanese-Californian fusion dish a better way to eat more sushi with less the effort to make it!
Nothing can beat a dish of perfectly cooked pan-seared scallops. The brine of the scallops paired with the natural sweetness of the mangoes create a luxurious flavor that is sensational to the taste buds.
This make-ahead ice cream dessert is the perfect fruity sweet treat to serve at a large gathering.