About Me
Hello readers! My name is Alex Mei, and I am the webmaster of this site, alexmeicooking.com.

My culinary journey began a few years ago when I was inspired by the home cooks that competed on the TV series, Masterchef; I was mesmerized by the ability that these amateur cooks were able to cook with such finesse and I decided to challenge myself to see if I could do the same. I started to experiment at home by cooking a variety of dishes ranging from numerous cuisines, learning the tips and tricks around the kitchen along the way. Since then, my passion for cooking fostered tremendously and now, I cook on almost a daily basis. Each time, I strive to give no less than my best effort to ensure that each dish is high in quality and presented with finesse and elegance.

Besides cooking, I enjoy working out and coding in my free time. Additionally, I volunteer for multiple organizations in the realm of computer science.

My passion for coding and cooking merged perfectly into this website project, as I can do both at the same time! Currently, I create all the recipes and write all the code for this website.

My Mission
My mission is to inspire others to step into their kitchen without being afraid and cook a nutritious meal for themselves and their loved ones using the abundance of fresh ingredients they have around them.

With all the frozen food and fast food restaurants in our society today, it may be tempting to make the convenient food choice. However, this can lead to health issues long term, which can be avoided by changing diet plans. As such, my recipes are designed with a focus to be healthy, quick, and easy to make for people at all skill levels.

My recipes range vastly in taste and cuisine, so hopefully, you'll find one to your liking. Furthermore, I add two new recipes each week, so be sure to return and check out my new recipes periodically!

If you have a particular dish that you want to make but cannot find a recipe currently on my website, please feel free to contact me, and I will be sure to respond within 48 hours.

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